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Thor: When science fiction encounters myth

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    June 29, 2020 11:54 PM PDT

      How exciting when science fiction encounters myths?Thor is clearly working in this direction, and it is surprising that the film does not seem to completely let the storyline give way to visual effects, which is very different in similar movies.
      Under the premise of the rapid development of visual effects technology and the lack of script originality, Hollywood’s live-action movies seem to be a necessity to aim at comics, animations and myths.On the negative side, the huge investment in special effects technology and excessive commercial considerations will affect the quality of the content of the film to a certain extent.The Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson & the Olympians are examples;However, if look from the positive side, this situation also makes all imaginary movies visually express extraordinary imagination.
      I have no intention of singing a hymn to this commercial blockbuster, but the highlight of this film is indeed worthy of recognition.In addition to the imaginative world of mythology, what makes me feel interesting about Thor is that it combines science fiction and mythology ingeniously.First of all, I have never seen the comic, nor do I know how the mythical world in Thor is described in the original comic book,but the film can be said to be very imaginative and forward-looking.In the film, Thor tells the female scientist( portrayed by Natalie Portman) that his super powers are magical to the ancients, and now called science.This dialogue is extremely dialectical and can be called the "thematic idea" of the film.Many modern scientific discoveries and inventions have appeared in the form of mythological fantasy in ancient times.Many mechanical devices in modern society were also considered to be magic or even witchcraft in the early days of industrial civilization.I think the most interesting part of Thor is the combination of myths and science fiction.In the film, Thor and others crossed the world between the fairy kingdom and the ice giant and the earth. It is obviously inspired by the concept of “time travel”,and the film also attempts to make a logical connection with the "time tunnel" theory through dialogue between characters.The image of the "Destroyer" from the fairy world is entirely a steel giant combining mechanical power and electronic devices.Its image and function have actually separated from the world system of traditional mythology, more like a product of the human world.
      When modern science first came into being, it had a cruel struggle with religious mythology, cosplay costumes store the two seemed to be incompatible.But in some areas, there is a growing connection between the two in modern society.Obviously, Thor made an interesting attempt in this aspect.Maybe years from now, our current assumptions about aliens will become another myth, who knows.Science is still science, myth is still a myth, although the world is still a former world, but it has evoked people's infinitely beautiful imagination, perhaps this is the greatest significance high quality cosplay costumes such movies.
      When science fiction encounters myth, it either becomes a strange theory, or becomes a tool and medium for developing imagination like Thor.