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How Much Managed Firewall Services Can Save You

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    June 29, 2020 2:58 AM PDT

    Effective management of your company’s firewall architecture can mean the difference between having an effective layered defense against cybersecurity breaches and becoming the latest in a long string of companies to have suffered a massive data breach. Many companies recognize that firewalls are a critical component of their network security perimeter—but there’s more to effective firewall management than having one at the point between your network and the internet.

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    Improperly-managed firewall services can lead to rules conflicts, gaps in the protection provided, and a reduction in network performance. However, many companies simply don’t have the right resources to manage their firewalls in-house. So, they turn to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to get managed firewall solutions.

    What are managed firewall services—and why should you use them? Here are some things that you should know about managed firewall services and service providers:

    1) How Much Managed Firewall Services Can Save You
    One of the first questions many business owners have about hiring a managed firewall service provider is: “How much will it cost me?” This is a perfectly natural question to have. But, here’s the better question: “How much can using a managed firewall service save me?”

    In any cost/benefit analysis, it’s always important to assess the risk of using or ignoring a particular tool or resource. In the case of not using managed firewall solutions, the risk can be quite high.

    For example, how much productivity would your business lose if a poorly-optimized firewall configuration caused legitimate access requests to fail? Or, how much would it cost your business if an improper firewall configuration let a cybercriminal breach your network? According to Ponemon, a breach would cost you about $3.86 million on average.

    So, when weighing the cost of managed firewall services, consider the price you might have to pay if you don’t have a well-managed firewall.

    Another cost factor you should balance when considering a managed firewall solution is what it would cost you to manage the firewalls your company needs entirely in-house. Cybersecurity experts can be costly to hire, onboard, and train—with salaries easily reaching six figures a year before benefits. And, considering the shortage of skilled cybersecurity engineers, it’s a jobseeker’s market, not an employer’s market.

    2) What Services You Get with a Managed Firewall Solution
    When signing up with a managed security service for firewall management, it’s important to know exactly what kind of firewall services they’re going to provide. Some types of managed firewall services that an MSSP might offer include:

    Firewall Auditing Services. It’s important for a company to periodically audit its firewalls to check for configuration errors and other issues that may impact security and performance.

    Firewall Configuration Services. Will the MSSP help your organization choose, install, and configure the firewalls it needs to block malicious traffic?

    Firewall Monitoring and Alerts. Does the MSSP have firewall monitoring tools to help keep track of current rule configurations and event logs? Does the MSSP have a procedure for alerting you to major security events, such as a breach in progress?

    Co-Managed Firewall Services. Instead of taking over the management of the firewall entirely, a co-managed firewall service model has the MSSP work alongside your team to support and even teach your team about the finer points of firewall management.
    Pinning down which services the MSSP will provide is crucial when you’re arranging a managed firewall service.