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OSRS is known both by players

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    April 6, 2020 6:22 PM PDT

    We are some of the people who make Old School RuneScape. Earlier this week our entire game studio (Jagex) began working remotely, so we thought we'd use RuneScape gold this time to answer any questions that you may have. This was a recreation of RuneScape as it was in 2007. Since then there have been weekly content patches, lots of big expansions, and in 2018 we ported the game Android and to iOS mobile devices. You can ask us anything, however we would request that you see our Service Centre if you have any issues regarding your RuneScape accounts or things like this. Thank you!

    Yeah, we have seen participant numbers jump up a ton, particularly since last weekend - finally, we're blessed to be in the lucky position where we can offer something for folks to have the ability to devote their time in this covid-19 situation that was catchy. Same goes for twitch viewership too, we've kept an eye on the number of folks are seeing Old School related streams and they've increased so much aswell. Do you have any stats you can share? how a lot people are playing this week vs 23, I'd love to find the numbers or at a graph.

    OSRS is known both by players and non-players because of its artwork style that was constant, nostalgic. How do you keep this artwork style consistent through the last few years if something did not fit the design and what would you do? I would say that it isn't very consistent. If you take assets from years up to 2007 and from 2013-now, you find some fluctuating fashions and approaches. One of the principal projects the art group is currently working right now is attempting to hammer down what makes something'Old School' and what are those aesthetics that give them to nostalges. (just made up that word.)

    The best we could do for now is to try and keep design processes as honest and open as you can. We share artwork and reveal it to gamers on socials we can. We are always open to buy RS gold to feedback and comprehend that this is an evolving process (and game!) Comparing jaltok jad to tztok jad. We are not in 2007 anymore lol but not a thing that is terrible. You guys do do really well with listening to feedback if something is out of line with player expectations.Some of the feedback they get is really toxic but they always do a fantastic job of revising models after player response.