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    October 21, 2019 2:00 AM PDT

    te in my mouth, squatting. Looking closely, it turned out to be Xiaoqiang next door. I can't believe my eyes. The old gentleman of the past has become so swearing. But out of the two-year neighbor's sentiment, I still reminded him: "I am going to school, let's go!" He said dismissively: "Going to school? I am not, video games are more enjoyable!" He was preparing to persuade him again, but he was sneezeed by a pungent smell of smoke. He looked up and saw that the house was "cloudy." I have to retreat all the way, my mood can not be calm for a long time. Just as I tried to ignore my thoughts, I heard someone calling me. Looking back, was Xiaoqiang going to school with frustration?" "Hey, the money is gone for a while." "How come you have such a big addiction?" Asked here, he couldn't help but screamed and said, "I am also in a quagmire and can't extricate myself. At first, my interest was not great, but I was persuaded to play." After a few episodes, I became addicted. Later, I played more and more times, and I used more and more money. My own savings were gradually used up, and I stole the money from my family to play and watch him suffering Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I can't help thinking about it. The video game machine, this is the product of modern science, is very good for the development of intelligence. It is empty, I am very happy to go to the Children's Palace to play, but I don't know when, society There are such a group of people, and what kind of "wind, what will you do for a while", use various methods to attract people and profit from it. Take video games, many shopkeepers try to recruit young children and entice them to become addicted. Some students skip classes, and some use whatever means to make money. Even, it is found that there are micro-electronic game machines that are ��hot�� in the classroom Cheap Cigarettes. This is a serious problem. Of course, we cannot squander food, there is no need to ban electricity. Sub-games. But I want to make a loud appeal to young friends: in the reform and opening-up years Cigarettes Online, there are too many things to renovate. If there is no self-control, if it does not self-regulate, the tide will come and it will drown people.
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