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    April 28, 2019 7:07 PM PDT

    The students who wrote and studied with me were all a group of lovely people. At night, everyone walked together on the banks of the Suzhou moat and took photos together. There is a person we call "Old Man", he is actually a director of the Harbin Photography Association, he published in the QQ, microblogging pictures and mood articles published in various places. Many people here have a lot of secrets, so when you are with a person, you not only have to look at his or her appearance, but also look at the deeper. In the days when you get along Cheap Marlboro 100'S, you find that many people have a lot of skills. It��s amazing. There is also a Lao Wang and Xiao Wang, Xiao Wang Xi to play, but also ignore the teacher's face, Dad's shouting in the WeChat group and playing, let the teacher shame. Pharaoh bombed the photos in the group, so that the photos were swept in the group. My companions were all hidden. They all just graduated from college. These girls are very talkative and straightforward. A Xi'an girl is a computer professional at Xigong University. She is in the same room as me. She is also a Xi'an. She is very good at talking, and I often go out together. There is also a girl from Beijing. She is always with us. Her character is straightforward. She is very happy. She often blames the things she doesn��t like. She used to criticize drivers because of the rear-end collision of buses and private cars. The car screamed loudly and blamed. She is very straightforward, very talkative, has a wealth of knowledge, and reveals rich connotations in her conversations Cigarettes Online Usa Only. After graduating from the law department, I often recommend some good books for me in the library. She said that she is in charge of the system, archives, and speeches for the leaders. This straightforward, love-reporting Beijing woman loves to delve into history and culture, and loves the cultural legends and stories of the attractions. I believe that her mind should have a lot of knowledge and content. There is also a Tianjin girl who said from her WeChat that she is editing in the unit. She was alone in the hotel to write a manuscript and earn the manuscript fee. She also said that she was very happy to earn the manuscript fee. In the scenic spots, they like to pursue deep meanings and historical humanities on the surface of the beautiful scenery. They will trace back to a certain historical figure and will go deep into a certain historical legend, which makes me take up a lot of cheap, so that my words are only Interspersed with rich content Buy Cigaretes Marlboro. This is the lovely girl around me, all cute and beautiful girls. A group of lovely people, laughing and joking together, carefree. People from all corners of the country, four days away from school, the end of their studies, each rushing things, this is a short-lived fate, and then the end of the world, separated. In the training class, a paragraph, the teacher organized us to go to Zhouzhuang to play, all the way to the scenery outside the car window, feel the beauty of the Jiangnan water town. The spacious river that the car passed by. It is said that it is necessary to take a tunnel in the water, just like the subway is drilled into the ground. This tunnel enters the water directly and travels under the water for a long time. It feels really amazing. The tour guide explained all the way and brought us into the history and legend of Zhouzhuang. The local area is everywhere on the table with the signboard of Apo Tea. The tour guide said that this is the signboard for eating. Don't misunderstand it as drinking tea. The busy aunt who is beside the tea is dressed in a national costume with blue flowers and a smile, and her smile is full of greetings. On the right side of Zhouzhuang is the river water, the bridge is flowing, the left is the commercial street, and the commercial atmosphere is very strong. Therefore, the impression of the Jiangnan water town was divided into discount guides. The famous bridge is the double bridge. You can take a closer look. The double bridge in Zhouzhuang was originally an arch bridge plus the vertical and arched staircase on the right is the double bridge. So the two bridges formed into a vertical shape, which made us unexpected. So I really feel that watching the scenery is not as good as listening to the scenery. The grandmother of the river is wearing a local costume, which makes people feel back to the Jiangnan water town. I and my companion were wearing a cheongsam rented by the store and took a photo at the water of the arch bridge. Thirty yuan had a photo addiction. I also dreamed of being a woman in a watery village. I couldn't help but buy a cheongsam, and I love the local ethnic clothes. I always feel that this Jiangnan water town should be equipped with cheongsam to show the charm of Jiangnan women. This is the residence of Shen Wanshan. It used to be the former residence of Shen Wansan, Fu'an Bridge, Shuangqiao, Shen Hall, Weilou, and Zhouzhuang Eight Views. Fu'an Bridge is the only three-dimensional bridge building in Jiangnan; the double bridge is connected by two bridges and has a unique shape; the Shen Hall is a Qing style courtyard, the overall structure is strict, and the local style is different; Religious places such as Taoist Temple and Quanfu Temple. Zhouzhuang has the reputation of ��China��s first water town��. The tour guide said: This sedan chair in his home is equivalent to the current luxury car. The boat passed from home and the sedan came out of the house. The ancient people and the wealthy people are sitting in such a luxurious sedan chair to go out and do things. In the hall, you can see the exquisite quaint seats. The tour guide told us that the unmarried woman��s chair had no backrest and the back of the chair was empty. The back of the married woman��s chair is real. The women sit on the chair and have legs and can only sit diagonally on the chair for one-third of the position. Another hall is the place where the women's family relaxes. It is the hall where the women sit or write or lie down and rest. In the yard, I saw a piece of Qijun��s stone. The big family in that year would fight for a stone in Suzhou. The tour guide said that he could get a piece of Qi Jun's stone and struggle hard. There is also a hall where Shen Wanshan is reading for his children. The place where children can learn. Here, the pen and ink are all available. Turning into another hall, I saw the stage of Shen Wanshan's house, where the simulated characters made in the same way as the scenes were sung in the delicate and simple stage Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes. In this hall Cheapest Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, you can feel the scene of luxury and luxury. The beauty can be seen everywhere in the corridor, everyone is curious to sit and feel the beauty of the beauty after sitting in the seat. The beauty relies on the curved backrest of the promenade chair. It is said that in ancient times, everyone was soft and weak, walking in the beautiful and exquisite carved corridor. Because of the weak wind, the paragraph was sitting on the beauty, the wind swayed her blue silk, and the river reflected her beautiful figure. An elegant and beautiful view is so refreshing. There is a woman in the local national costume who is selling her embroidered goods. The shoes of the children are beautiful and lovable. On the right side of Zhouzhuang is the Jiangnan Water Town. The houses built by the river are

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