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Were the towers blown up by bombs?

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    November 23, 2017 4:21 PM PST

    I came across this article questioning whether bombs were used in the 9/11 attacks. Here is a snippet from the article. Link to the entire article is at the bottom. What do you think? Where bombs used? Or something else?

    While many of the theories are bizarre, one longstanding view is the towers would not have collapsed in the way they did if they were hit by aircraft.

    Some claim there must have been a "controlled detonation" at ground level for the Twin Towers to fall in on themselves as they did.

    One key part of their argument is the collapse of a third smaller tower, called Building 7, at the World Trade Centre complex, several hours after the huge skyscrapers fell.

    Until now, the theory has been just that and confined to the online forums of conspiracy theory websites.

    But now, the University of Alaska is sponsoring a full investigation into claims that World Trade Center Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition during the 9/11 attacks.

    Were 9/11 towers blown up by bombs?

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